Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dispatcher Fired For Sending Semi-Naked Pictures via Cell Phone to Other Officers

Sometimes you have to write long introductions to stories to explain them. Not this one: Female 911 dispatcher. Semi-naked pictures taken at work. End up in the wrong hands. Here's more from The Athens News:
The Athens County commissioners on Tuesday upheld the firing of a county 911 dispatcher suspected of improper use of a personal cell phone on the job - which allegedly involved sending semi-nude pictures of herself to a local village police officer.
ired dispatcher Elizabeth Bradley's attorney, Jeffery L. Finley of Gallipolis, said Tuesday, however, that his client doesn't even own a cell phone (though her husband does), and that she denies sending any images over a cell phone from work.
"She did not transmit any photos," Finley said. "The other employees, we don't know."
Newly unsealed search warrants in the case indicate that the investigation by the Athens County Sheriff's Office was triggered when a Jacksonville village police officer complained to the 911 director that he had received topless photos of female dispatchers, apparently taken in the agency restroom, on his cell phone.
According to one search warrant affidavit, however, on Aug. 22 Jacksonville Police officer Robert Stoica told 911 Director Doug Bentley that two female employees of 911 had sent him four pictures on his cell phone, which "depicted either fully naked breasts of the women or upper bodies with only a (bra)." Bentley recognized the backdrop as being the 911 restroom, the affidavit states.

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