Friday, November 16, 2007

Substitute Teacher Strips From Waist Down in Front of Fourth Graders - Charles H. Bruce Elementary, Georgia

Details are still sketchy on this incident, but we know one thing for sure: this is one substitute teacher who's NOT going to be invited back to Charles H. Bruce Elementary School in Bibb County, Georgia. Not after she freaked out in class and, according to school officials, "dis-robed" from the waist down in front of her fourth grade class. Here's more from
Fourth grade students at Charles H. Bruce Elementary in Bibb County talked to counselors and psychologists today to deal with the traumatic experience.
"Today the kids are doing good," says Principal, Dr. Ramon Johnson. "We did have social workers as well as school psychologists come out to give added support to the kids both collectively as a group and individually as needed."
Bruce Elementary is back to normal today.
Yesterday the school went into a code-red lockdown. A first-time substitute teacher at the school "dis-robed" from the waist down in a fourth grade classroom.
Principal Johnson says the students inside that classroom knew exactly what to do. They ran across the hallway and notified school counselors. From there, it was turned over to campus police.
"When we went down there to the classroom, she seemed very disoriented." Johnson explained. "Not answering general questions."
Officers escorted the woman out of the building and even took her home to her family.


Scott David said...

Good grief. American women are losing it,,,,fast. They're completely nuts.

shierica sanders said...

thats disgusting

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