Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video: Naked Woman Needs Rescue

Man… This is the day every guy who dangles precariously over a rocky embankment in order to pluck some stranded hiker off the side of a cliff dreams about.

A naked, unnamed, 27-year-old woman (perfect) decided to strip down at a San Diego “clothing optional” beach and climb a nearby cliff. She got stuck and had to be helped down by rescuers.

Although the video is blurry, then the important blurry parts blurred out on top of that; the clearer picture below the video indicates that the rescue guy probably didn’t mind securing her harness… Only… It wasn’t a guy who did the rescuing… Booooo!

The naked hiker was lowered to safety, unharmed… except for skinned knees… which I suppose she may have sustained later… behind the fire truck… I hope.
A female lifeguard managed to abseil down to rescue the woman, strapping her into a harness before providing her with some borrowed clothing.

The woman was unharmed aside from scraped knees.

She was cited by park rangers for entering a restricted part of the state park but will not be charged for the rescue.

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